#SustyLearn: These Apps Will Change Agriculture in Africa

The African agricultural sector has lingered in the crude form. However, more and more is being done to improve the state of agriculture in Africa.
One of the steps taken is the introduction of technology into agriculture. These five apps are notable milestones in mechanized agriculture.
1. ROI Calculator
This is the industry’s first nutrient return calculator that is built to incorporate spatial variation. It shows how mush one could increase yield and net return with optimal potassium and phosphorus application
2. Connect Farm Field
This helps farmers with the collation of field records using a smartphone. It aids the capture of financial information about farming event and then gives profit or loss information.
3. Brandt TankPro
This app helps with micro-nutrient and post emergent herbicide tank mixes. It gives the applicator the choice of herbicide formulation to be used then the app confirms or declines compatibility.
4. Tip Wizard
This helps the farmer make informed spraying decision. It accurately determines percentage driftable fines, percentage of ideal droplet for proper coverage, droplet size and duty cycle.
5. Net irrigate
This app helps farmers and irrigation dealers to know the status of their irrigation sites. Farmers could also turn irrigation devices on or off, view alert history and configure alert recipient.

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