Tanzania switches to natural gas-powered buses.


In an attempt to cut off fuel use by 50% thereby reducing carbon emissions, Tanzania has devised plans to move to natural gas powered buses. Mr. Kapuulya Musomba, the Tanzanian Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) acting director-general revealed that not less than 800 buses would be switching to natural gas during the entire project.

“The University of Dar es Salaam and Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology are ready to install the natural gas systems on the vehicles. Experts have told us that the use of natural gas would save between 30 to 50 per cent of what one spends on fuel. We therefore agreed that all Dart buses should use natural gas. This will also help cut fares significantly,” Mr. Musomba said.

Mr. Ronald Lwakatare, Dar es Salaam Rapid Transit (Dart) chief executive said that the system is available to all, including private transport operators.

To install the system, a vehicle owner requires between Tsh1.6 million ($700) and Tsh2 million ($875) depending on the size of the vehicle.



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