The Importance of Water in The Economy and Poverty Reduction

African countries need to open more water resources and push efficiency in their supplies to have an accelerated economy and job growth.

As the climate changes, our water resources become more flexible in time and space, countries need to adjust how water is managed and water is valued.

Water is very important in our economy. The challenges countries go through are not just based on the supply they also have issues with demand. The guardian of our water resources are always blamed for poor planning and maintenance of water. Water users are blames also for excessive use of water, while we have various rural communities or countries that still do not adequate access to water.

There is need to change how we make use of water and how we supply water our various countries in Africa. As our water demands grows, countries should do things in a different way so as to tackle the challenges of the country.

Access to water is a basic requirement to make growth to the economy in all aspect.

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