The #Intersection: The #Social Sphere & #Environmental Sphere of #Sustainability


    As previously described in previous articles, Environmental Sustainability is a process synonymous with the proper management of our natural resources. On the intersection of the environmental sphere with social sphere it is important to note that:  Environmental + Social = Bearable ≠ Sustainable.  Some describe this intersection as “socio-environmental”.

    Bearable structures or Socio-environmental considerations have to do with societal & biophysical systems that mutually influence one another.

    A vibrant socio-environmental system is wonderful as it has to do with the provision of social decency, improvement in social conditions such as access to potable water, clean air, and environmental preservation for mankind etc… that in turn influences human beings’ quality of life and future decisions.

    Food for thought…. Without Economic considerations, how long can the provision of such socio-environmental satisfactions last?   Can such a system survive the test of time? 

    Mfon Essien

    Environmental Management & Sustainability Professional

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