The Making of Sustainable Cities: Eco-Friendly Transportation Systems

Did you know that public transportation systems like metro trains, suburban railways, and multiple occupant transport system with efficient energy use are important for the sustainable development of African cities?

Sustainable Transportation transportation refers to system of transportation that produces less harmful impacts to the environment with healthier travel choices, and revolves around making efficient and effective use of resources.

The United Nations global goals for sustainable urban transportation can only be achieved by reducing travel time, fuel consumption and air pollution through multiple occupant and clean energy transportation system. This calls for efficient infrastructure for urban mobility in order to maintain and improve the quality of life within the cities.

Such development requires that public transportation systems should be made more attractive and available to users by providing good quality service at an afford-able price. In terms of ‘city life,’ a good, modern, and efficient transport system would enhance efficiency, productivity, environment, public health, and quality of life in the cities.

Regular transport emission check and control is also pertinent to the actualization of this goal.





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