The World’s First Eco-friendly Sports Hub to be Built in Dubai

The world’s first green sports development, the “Green Sports Hub”, recently launched will be built in the next two years. The facility will be built in Dubai’s Jumeirah Golf Estates, to encourage sports tourism and resident participation in the country.

The 500,000 sq. ft. facility was designed by the international Danish football star, Mr. Ebbe Sand who played for Denmark’s national football team at the 1998 and 2002 Fifa World Cup, as well as the 2000 and 2004 European Championships.

The hub will contain a state-of-the-art sports academy, zip line, climate lab, swimming pool, indoor & outdoor climbing walls, skateboard rink, martial arts training center, sports research facility, music & sports play area, and a spa, as well as accessible sports medical facilities.

The environment-friendly hub will be solar powered, and will have an in-built waste management, water preservation and re-use systems with the sustainable skateboard park acting as a reservoir to collect and direct any rainwater to the surrounding greens.

“As a resident of Jumeirah Golf Estates, it is an honour to contribute towards the high-quality facilities that the community has become known for, whilst also providing a first-class framework for training and exercise. Through the Green Sports Hub, I look forward to bringing extensive and varied sporting facilities to Dubai, as well as to creating a vibrant and multi-functional sustainable attraction that is used as a social and educational resource among local and international visitors. The Green Sports Hub will be a community that inspires a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle,” said Sand.

Chief executive of Jumeirah Golf Estate, Yousuf Kazim said: “Jumeirah Golf Estates is already a thriving community of families and international visitors, and the launch of Green Sports Hub is a milestone development that cements Jumeirah Golf Estates’ status as the region’s leading residential golf community committed sustainability… Through the development of Green Sports Hub by Ebbe Sand, we are committed to supporting the UAE’s sporting stars and aspiring athletes, by providing them with a platform to excel at all levels.”


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