Agriculture is an important tool on sustainable economic development in African society and must be treated as such and must receive proper attention from all the necessary bodies. Agriculture remains a fundamental sector for Africa’s sustained future economic growth because of the unique role it plays in human’s life based on its contributions so far.
Agriculture also fosters growth in the non-agricultural sectors and supports overall economic well-being. Economic growth originating from agriculture significantly contributes to reductions in poverty and hunger. It has helped in increasing employment and incomes in the agricultural sector, which has in turn stimulated demand for non-agricultural goods and services, thereby boosting non-farm rural incomes too.
The Nigerian Youth’s take on agriculture is not encouraging. When you have a country spilling with black gold, it is every youth’s dream to work in a big multinational oil company even if they have no clue about oil and gas. Unfortunately, many youths believe that agriculture involves farming in a rural area far from civilization. Meanwhile they fail to see that the agricultural sector is diversified and would keep evolving as we continue to experience the outcome of science and technology.
It is important to revitalize the agricultural sector including livestock, forestry and fisheries through special policies and strategies targeted at small scale and traditional farmers in rural areas and the creation of enabling conditions for private sector participation, with emphasis on human capacity development and the removal of constraints from agricultural production and marketing.
Extract from CSRFiles Vol 2 Issue 2 2012


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