#Throwback: CSRFiles- Innovation


Continual Innovation is the key to success. Africa needs both entrepreneurs who will create viable businesses to drive the economies and intrapreneurs who will work for SMEs and MNCs and provide the visionary leadership to innovate in the industrial sectors and increase economic growth.

In many situations, the improvements of the sustainable performance, that is environmental friendliness, of a company means that the organisation needs to innovate. A manager who wants to guide and steer the sustainable innovation processes has to be, or become, an innovation manager with substantial leadership skills. However, much of the discussion focuses on the influences of leadership on innovation processes, and the body of literature on a leader’s influence on sustainable innovation processes is not yet well developed. The manager’s leadership style and active capability to coordinate the necessary information and knowledge exchange jointly support the innovativeness of the studied projects.

Businesses must strive towards making a positive social impact in the communities where they operate, and not only focus on the financial return. Mostly innovation occurs when creative people search for improvements to problems or practices that no longer work, hence the phrase ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’.

Although, there are still many challenges when it comes to doing business in Africa, the continent has really started transforming over the last few years. Today, Africa holds a fantastic opportunity going forward.

You can read more in Innovation: CSRFilesTM Vol 2 Issue 4 2013

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