#Throwback Thursday CSR Files: “Moving from Rhetoric to Action”



“It is pertinent to note here that while the relationship between businesses and the resulting rights and responsibilities of each party has been sealed within Western expectations of CSR, it is not a universal notion. The responsibility a business has to local communities and the role it is expected to play in society are subjective notions. They are totally reliant upon political space, cultural understandings and dominant CSR discourses. Although the dominant form of the business-community relationship is only relevant to the developed world, it has increasingly been applied to developing country contexts. This attempt to ‘transfer’ Western notions of business-community relationship, to developing countries without adjustment or acknowledgement of the vastly different environments into which it is being relocated leaves its potential success questionable. The difference in the circumstances of developed and developing countries, coupled with diverse perceptions of business-community interactions within the multifarious cultural, social, political and economic environments both highlight the need for CSR policies to be developed and implemented with relevance to the context of each geographical region.” –Dr Uwem Ite.E.

Excerpt from CSRFiles Volume 1 Issue 2. 2011

Read full article from the CSRFiles “From Thought To Action”.

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