#ThrowbackCSRfiles: 11 Challenges Of Corporate Sustainability

  1. Doubt: What if our customers are not satisfied? Or our performance is not at par with others in the industry?
  2. Liabilities: Do we really need another cost centre during an international economic recession?
  3. Denial: Denial that there are other resources that need to be conserved
  4. Resources: in the lean times that we live, not a lot new strategic initiatives manage to grab a cut of the annual budget
  5. Casualty: the unpredictability of the future is always a precarious ground for businesses.
  6. Lack of Global Standards: the GRI is a lone authority in the sector of Sustainability Reporting.
  7. Benchmarking: we can sure analyse Sustainability reports side by side for equivalence and distinguishers. But can we truly benchmark current – and past – initiatives?
  8. Lack of comparative credibility: there are good examples of initiatives and ideologies but no perfect examples
  9. Uncertainty: Uncertainty and business management executives can never see eye-to-eye on Sustainability. For most decision makers, results follow goals and implementation and not the other way round.
  10. Fear of the Unknown
  11. Fear of the Known

Which of these challenges have been overcome globally?

Excerpts from Sustainability: The ‘S’ of Business by Aman Singh in CSRFilesTM Vol 1 Issue 3, 2012

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