#ThrowbackCSRFiles: Added CSR Commitment in Sub-Saharan Africa

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) provides the opportunity for large corporations to justify their existence, improve their public image and build relationships with their local communities. CSR offers Public Relations of companies the possibility to restore and maintain the sense of community that has been lost in Contemporary society.

The prevailing socio-political and economic conditions in Africa together with the effects of Globalization have led to a lot of Poverty, political conflict, rising crime, power shortages, bribery and corruption. The UN Millennium Development Goals have identified the need to improve the situation of poverty and hunger; universal primary education; gender inequality; child mortality; maternal health; HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases; and environmental sustainability in this continent. CSR is a potential, pivotal and powerful prospect to immensely curtail these difficult conditions and generate development.

For CSR to be relevant to the local community, there must be engagement of local stakeholders in the formulation, implementation and evaluation processes. This engagement will enable Corporations know exactly where to channel their resource in order to yield maximum impact.

Excerpts from CSR Files: From thought to Action Vol 1 Issue 2, 2011

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