#ThrowbackCSRFiles- Moulding the Mind of Africa


Education in Africa has often been described as the bedrock of development. In the quest for sustainable educational development and growth, African governments spend less than the recommended six per cent of Gross National Product. In order to ensure the viable framework for sustainability in any educational system or African Economy, the ‘Sustainability’ paradigm must be understood and reviewed.

In Africa, one of the biggest challenges of tertiary education is the extremely narrow access to tertiary education. Africa has had the lowest enrolment index into tertiary institutions. There are eight ingredients for attaining sustainability and these ingredients will bring about visible impact if well implemented.

To achieve education For All, Africa must strive to improve access to education through investment all levels of education. In the dozen of leading sub-Saharan nations, learning and education is continually affected by various factors such as poverty and access, armed conflict and so forth. In a third of countries in Africa, less than 75% of primary school teachers are trained according to national standards.

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