#ThrowBackCSRFiles: The Role of Education: Are University Students Prepared to Join the Workforce?



The dearth of well-trained human resources in the education system has become a major setback to preparing students for the work environment.

In Colleges of Education for example, the training methods and approaches usually adopted in preparing students for the teaching profession are outdated and do not consider the changes taking place in the teaching environments where teachers are at work. In another respect, parents, lecturers, and even employers seem to lay enormous emphasis on paper qualifications nowadays rather than the acquisition of practical life skills that prepare students for the work environment.

This rather unfortunate development, which is fast becoming second nature with the system, spells doom on the quality of the products of the system. Students only attend classes because they want to know the kind of questions that will eventually come out in the examinations.

The effect is that students now basically go to school to acquire the certificates that will be fit for their kinds of jobs and not the necessary skills and knowledge required to stay on the job.

What then will be the turning point for education?

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