#ThrowbackThursday: The need for Corporate Governance in the Public Sector

The focus on Corporate Governance has been high on the agenda in the private sector for decades, however instituting corporate Governance within the public sector just recently became a topic of discussion. Stewardship and Accountability for the use of funds and assets is particularly important in the public sector. It has become more imperative, now more than ever, to focus on Corporate Governance in the public sector in order to maintain faith in the system and promote better services to the public, accompanied by controlled operations. A focus on Good Corporate Governance can help public bodies deliver the performance imperatives that are expected of them, whilst at the same time meeting standards of accountability. As such, a good public governance seeks to promote Accountability, Transparency/Openness, Stewardship, Efficiency and Leadership.

Excerpts from CSR Files: Envisioning Sustainable Governance Vol 5 Issue 1, 2015

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