#Trending: The Growing Popularity of Sustainability as a Course in Universities

Sustainability has been termed by Gro harlem Brundtland to be that which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This and a lot of other definitions highlight the indispensable need to develop strategies to sustain our environment, businesses, and societies.

In light of this, there has been an observable change in the way sustainability issues are being handled now, compared to how they were relegated in time past. This has in its might, aroused a level of curiosity in the minds of the populace to further know how sustainability can be tackled innovatively and productively.

The aforementioned curiousity has been quelled by the courses now made available in some top Universities around the globe to break down the “mirage” of sustainability:

Ghana – The Wisconsin International University College offers an MSc. Environmental Sustainability & Management; the school of Graduate Studies, University of Energy & Natural Resources, Sunyani-Ghana; Sustainability Luxury Management; Sustainability Tourism & Protected Areas.

United Kingdom: MSc. Sustainability Development at the University of Exeter; the University of Cambridge offers the Msc. Sustainability Leadership, the University of Southampton;

South Africa: is not left out as it offers a course in Sustainable Development, Egerton University

Kenya; University of waterloo and the University of British Columbia in Canada: including the University of Winnipeg.

Nigeria: Master of Development Practice (MDP), University of Ibadan Centre for Sustainable Development

The study of sustainable development is also a deeper level of environmental science. These course focuses on the principle that human welfare should advance without exhausting essential resources, posing risks to upcoming generations, or causing irreversible damage to ecosystems and the Earth’s resources.

With increasing discussion and debate surrounding issues of climate change, pollution and energy in recent years, and increasing expectations for sustainability across our social, political and corporate sectors, there is a growing demand for sustainable development graduates to help develop effective solutions. These courses provide core knowledge in sustainability risks and prospects, as well as a foundational understanding of relevant aspects of the natural, environmental and social sciences.

Inevitably, as more and more companies focus on sustainability, business schools have sought to reflect that demand. A good number of students in this present generation want careers that not only bring monetary rewards but are meaningful to them. This has even led to some corporate workers, abandoning their jobs to take post-graduate courses in sustainability, in order to prospectively provide monetary and professional fulfillment.

Wouldn’t you rather enroll to a sustainability course today?

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