Trends Driving Innovation in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Innovation involves translating an idea or invention into a good or service that creates value for which customers will pay. Across all consumer industries, innovation in sub-Saharan Africa is seeing new products and services offered to address challenges the continent faces…

Matthew Carty, a global sales director, says that the eight trends impacting innovation in sub-Saharan Africa provide insight into opportunities to win in Africa. These trends leverage local resources and infrastructures influencing the flow of goods between countries – or through the supply chain and into the hands of the end consumer. They are:

  1. Accommodating basic services: There is a long-term benefit in helping communities gain access to basic services, such as water, electricity, and agricultural expertise to develop farmlands.
  1. Going rural: Urbanization has been the standard metric for defining the development of a country. The continent has a lot to gain by looking at opportunities within rural areas.
  1. Sustainability: In a region that already suffers from droughts, heat stress and flooding, sustainability is not just about using recycled products but addressing water shortages on the continent.
  2. Local ingredients: Despite the wealth of ingredients available in sub-Saharan Africa, ingredients are still imported from other countries, as the technical expertise for processing is lacking.


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