TriLinc Makes Impact Investments in Three Continents


TriLinc Global Impact Fund, an impact investing firm that provides growth-stage loans and trade finance to SMEs, has announced that it approved $22 million in term loan and trade finance transactions with companies operating in Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia.

TriLinc approved the term loan and trade finance transactions, which meet the Company’s requirements for underwriting, economic development and societal advancement. TriLinc funded $4,000,000 to an Argentine meat production and processing company as part of an existing $9,000,000 revolving trade finance facility. TriLinc also funded $7,450,000 in trade finance and term loan transactions, including $2,250,000 as part of a new $7,500,000 senior secured trade finance facility to a Mauritanian-based vanilla exporter and $1,400,000 as part of an existing $16,050,000 senior secured five-year term loan commitment to a locally-owned Nigerian marine logistics provider

“As our investment activity continues to scale past $350 million, it is exciting to see the diversity of opportunities that are evaluated by TriLinc and its sub-advisors across geographies, industries, impact themes, and investment types,” said Gloria Nelund, TriLinc CEO. “Our recent investments are no exception to this trend as we have financed a set of borrowers that operate at various stages within the agricultural and manufacturing supply chains in Latin America and Africa and promote the competitive participation of locally-owned business or locally-sourced products in the global marketplace.”


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