Turkey Promises Economic and Political Partnership with Africa


The Turkish Government has re-affirmed its commitment to partner Africa in a mutual economic and political cooperation. In a statement by the country’s minister of foreign affairs, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, through the Turkish Embassy to Namibia, the country has decided to rename its “Opening Policy to Africa” initiative by a more befitting concept, “Turkey’s Africa Partnership Policy: in order to further the strengthening and diversification of bilateral relations with African countries as well as institutional ties with the African Union. In his words. “We are also seeking to contribute to the implementation of African Union’s Agenda 2063 blueprint for economic development by organizing thematic ministerial meetings on areas such as business and agriculture in conjunction with forums that bring together Turkish and African businessmen.”

The partnership follows from the Turkish-African relations which boomed from 2008 when the African Union declared Turkey as a strategic partner. The country thereby once again re-affirms its commitment to work with Africa.


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