United Kingdom’s weather forecasters have estimated that 2016 will be the hottest year ever recorded and they may not be far from the truth. Already, seasons are unpredictable, temperatures are rising as the nights have become nightmares with extreme heat.

Experts have proven that as environmental conditions keep rising, there are higher risks of outbreaks of public health emergencies all around the world, as the resurgence of Zika, Lassa, and Ebola viruses have confirmed. Clearly, it is no joke that the negative impacts of climate change are becoming more visible by the day and the possibilities of an uninhabitable world stare us right in the face.

Although 193 countries and indirectly all of us have signed to combat climate change, the question remains, what practical steps are we taking to solve this problem?

Carbon emissions Per Capita

Do you know that your contribution of carbon footprint to the amount of Green House Gases emitted into the air can either contribute to climate change or resist it? Do you also know you can resist climate change from the comfort of your home and office?

Studies have shown that some appliances, especially the use of remote controllers; Televisions, Stereos, Computers, and kitchen appliances use power even when they are turned off. These ‘vampire’ devices still siphon power even when not in use. Just because an appliance is turned off does not mean it is not consuming energy, the internal and external power supplies of these appliances could persistently consume power if they remain plugged into the socket.

Hence, as you embark on fighting climate change, remember that as you turn off all unused lights, computers, fridges, and other gadgets, do not forget to unplug as well before going out or when not in use. You can guide against fire incidences, save energy, reduce electricity bills, reduce carbon footprints, and more importantly contribute to fighting climate change as you unplug that unused fuse.


Do you know that what you buy and how you use what you buy reduces environmental harm that emanate from […]

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