U.S. Chamber Foundation Partners with Tyco to Develop Tools for Small Business Safety

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation and the Tyco Cares Foundation today announced a partnership to create and distribute online resources designed to educate small business owners and chambers of commerce on steps they can take to ensure a safe, crime-free work environment.

The resources, which will be known as Safety and Security Quick Guides, will empower businesses and chambers of commerce to create safer business environments and provide tools and strategies to mitigate crime. The Quick Guides will feature easy-to-use tutorials on topics including burglary, employee crime, workplace violence, active shooter response, and more.

The Quick Guides will provide resources and practical steps for business owners to understand the top security threats they face, identify strategies they can take before a crime occurs to limit resource loss and work with employees to design fast-response plans when an incident occurs. The Safety and Security Quick Guides will be a web-based platform launched in early fall of 2016. They will be distributed to local chambers and small business owners throughout the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s network.

The Tyco Cares Foundation is focused on creating safer and smarter communities and protecting what matters most.  In particular, the foundation is committed to saving lives, creating resilient communities, improving access to employment and educational opportunities, and inspiring youth engagement.


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