#U.S: Organisations Call for Computer Science Education for all Students


An open letter has been sent to American Congress by a group of bi-partisan governors, educators and Fortune 100 CEOs requesting for federal funding to give every school child the opportunity to learn computer science. The training is to be organized by the Computer Science Education Coalition and Code.org.

The aim of the training, according to the letter, is to prove to schools the importance of having all students gain an understanding of how technology works, in order to make them ready to take on the jobs of tomorrow.

Other supporters of the training are AT&T Aspire, teach For America CS@TFA, 100kin10, Girls who code and many others.

It is believed that with the support of Congress, educators, the business community and organizations, it is achievable that technology is taken to the next generation through these students. If you want to support this cause, click here.


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