Uber announced plans to invest $10 million in sustainable mobility.

Uber announced plans to invest $10 million in sustainable mobility.

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has announced plans to invest $10 million in sustainable mobility for a period of 3 years. After being blamed as the major cause of traffic flow over the recent years, the CEO alongside the local government is working closely together to develop solutions to overcome the problem. The programme focuses on traffic issues in New York, and regions in which it operates.

$1 million will be put into petitioning the New York legislators to implement a congestion pricing plan that taxes trucks and other private vehicles in order to reduce congestion. The pricing plan if passed, would act as an exemplary for other cities to adopt the legislation plan that funds public transportation.

$250,000 would also be donated from the ‘Uber Fund for Sustainable Mobility’ to a nonprofit organization called shared streets, which develops and shares data concerning street management and traffic flow, and also improve street information. According to Khosrowshahi, the data is an important first step to improve policy, as it would be used to map out streets being used.

The company will continue to invest and expand in Jump Bikes, a pedal-assist electric vehicle that was developed earlier this year by partnering with Sacramento to install bike charging stations all over the city.


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