UK becomes the First Nation to Transmit Data through Power Grid

The United Kingdom has become the first nation to successfully transfer information through a national power grid. This achievement is a really big step towards virtual power stations technology, which allows homes and industries use energy wisely. Due to this new invention, high energy usage can be avoided; people could lower their bills, and even get rid of generators for supply of extra energy during peak times.

This new technology could save£8 billion per year for the UK consumers by 2030 and help the country attain its climate targets, according to the government’s National Infrastructure Commission.

The data is sent through smart plugs that are connected to main appliances in order to regulate the energy usage, without the need of any other infrastructure. During a test of 20 receivers on the UKs national grid, 100 percent of the signals were successfully received.
The new Grid Data and Measurement System (GDMS) was developed by Reactive Technologies (RT).

The representative of the National Grid, Mr.Cordi O’Hara, said: “We are keen to support innovative products like this one that can bring a real benefit for customers. It represents another step forward in the development of the smart grid technologies that are going to play an increasingly important role in the energy systems of the future.”

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