During the ministerial meeting to mark the agency’s 50th anniversary, the Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) said that for the United Nations Development Programme to be prominent fifty years from now, it will have to work on strengthening transparent governance. Since inception, even though the agency has been leading the UN’s global war on want, it has been working on its major aim of tackling poverty.

General feedbacks from different representatives of countries present at the meeting have been helpful; they depict respect and reputation for integrity that the agency had strove to earn over time. Being a general funding source for the UN agencies, it has been transformed into an implementer with an expertise to work with local communities.

Representatives from Middle Income Countries in the meeting appreciated the role UNDP plays in these countries through staff training, building honest public administration system, empowering local government, environmental and energy conservation, to mention a few. The need for stronger institutional capacity to align with development priorities was stressed by one of the countries’ representative. Some representatives showed interest in knowledge sharing initiatives, strengthening collaboration and addressing climate change. The Administrator of UNDP, Helen Clark, identified the need to build resilience.

Noting the great need for development finance, the Bangladesh minister of Finance urged countries to dig deeper into their own pockets. Others called for UNDP to make sure there is integration and coherence within the larger UN system. Helen Clark promised more changes as she gave her closing remarks, remembering Sierra Leone’s description of UNDP as an ‘SDG accelerator’


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