Volvo Set to Launch its First All-Electric Vehicles in 2019.


At the SAE 2017 Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technologies Symposium held in San Diego, Swedish automaker Volvo announced that the first all-electric Volvo car with battery packs up to 100 kilowatt hour (kWh) will be introduced by 2019.

The Modular Electrification platform will be ranging from 100kW to 450kW of electric power. The vehicle is said to support AC charging of up to 20 kW and high-speed DC charging, with support for the Combined Charging System (CCS). The vehicle will have a 100kWh battery pack which will enable over 300 miles of range depending on the efficiency.

According to the Senior Director of Electric Propulsion Systems at Volvo, the vehicle will be Volvo’s first all-electric Vehicle, and its third plug-in since it already sells the XC90 and plans to bring another plug-in hybrid electric vehicle to the market by 2018. The Swedish carmaker is also a member of the Charging Interface Initiative association, and plans to introduce one million electrified Volvos on the road by 2025.
He said “We are committed. There is no way back.”

In 2019, a 48 V mild hybrid system, which will be applicable for both its petrol and diesel engines, will be introduced. The system will come with a 10 kW electric motor in its first generation, with plans for a 15 kW unit in the future. Also, a 0.25 kWh 48V Li-ion battery will supply energy to the motor, along with a separate 12V battery.

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