Women Empowerment is Important for Sustainable Development

The rising concern for gender equality is crucial for sustainable development and it is even listed as one of the sustainable development goals (Goal 5) to be achieved. However, the interconnections between gender and sustainability have been largely under looked particularly in the environmental movement.

Nowadays, a lot of essays by researches have said that these interconnections must be incorporated in organizations and working sectors in all fields to ensure environmental sustainability.

There are reasons why gender equality is needed for sustainability and one of them is because it is morally and humanly right, gender bias in cultural, economic and political institutions is still in place and women and girls face different levels of discrimination and abuse which takes away their human rights.

Also, women bring a different perspective in these conversations especially in environmental degradation and climate change and until women are empowered to play a full part in decision making at all levels, sustainability may be a distant goal.



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