There have been major concerns on the use and availability of potable water long before the international bodies deemed it fit to educate people about water and celebrate the importance of water in our immediate society. As the world therefore, celebrates water, Oxfam in Nigeria announces that safe water and sanitation by Nigerians is a major issue that is affecting the country. Therefore, concerns were raised over impending water, sanitation and hygiene crisis.

This year’s celebration is centred on the role water plays in creation of jobs and supporting good jobs -Better Water, Better Jobs. The day was therefore, devoted to carrying out UN’s recommendation for promoting activities regarding water in different countries.

The Head of Programme, Oxfam in Nigeria, Mr Constant Tchona, at a forum to mark the Day said that about 39 percent of Nigerians still lacked potable water and many things have gone wrong as a result of this. He blamed poor governance and weak policies. Also Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary General urged everyone to reaffirm their commitment to the management and protection of water resources.

The Water-To-Thrive, a non-governmental organization, says that the answer to this water crisis has to be urgent and the crisis will end if all stakeholders work hand in hand with the communities. The body charged everyone to “spread the word”.


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