World Water Day 2018

World Water Day is an annual global event usually celebrated on 22nd March every year to create awareness on water resources management and also to evaluate the activities and partners in the sector. This year makes it twenty five years of recognizing the World Water Day. World Water Day is coordinated by United Nations in collaboration with governments and partners.

The theme for World Water Day 2018 is ‘Nature for Water’. This year’s theme explores how we can use nature to overcome the water challenges of the 21st century. Nature-based solutions have the potential to solve many of our water challenges.

Sustainable Development Goal 6 – ‘Ensuring availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all by 2030’ – includes a target to halve the proportion of untreated wastewater and increase water recycling and safe reuse.

Environmental damage and climate change are major drivers of the water-related crises we experience around the world. Floods, drought and water pollution are all made worse by degraded vegetation, soil, rivers and lakes.

Today, there are over 663 million people living without a safe water supply close to home, res spending countless hours queuing or trekking to distant sources, and coping with the health impacts of using contaminated water.

Water is an essential building block of life. It is more than just essential to quench thirst or protect health; water is vital for creating jobs and supporting economic, social, and human development.

Last year Nigeria joined the rest of the World in celebrating the World Water Day with a walk exercise led by the Minister of Water Resources,  Suleiman Adamu. The theme for last year was, “Water and Wastewater”.

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