World’s Largest Marine Reserve to be created in Antarctica.

A marine reserve is said to be established in the Ross Sea in Antarctica. Covering a mass of 1.55 million square km (600,000 square miles) of ocean; this will be the largest marine park in the world. This groundbreaking contract took place on Friday (28 of October) and has already been signed by Twenty-four countries and the European Union. The Ross Sea is one of the world’s most ecologically important oceans.

The reserve, which will take more than 12% of the southern ocean, is home to most of the world’s aquatic animals, including penguins, seabirds, colossal squid, Antarctic tooth fish, and the whales.

According to the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources, an area of 1.1million square km will be set aside, and marked as a “no-take” general protection zone, where fishing and mineral extraction will be prohibited for 35 years, and this action takes effect from Dec. 1, 2017.

The proposal was first introduced by New Zealand and the United States, but couldn’t move ahead without the approval of Russia, who wasn’t in support of it in last year’s meeting. This year though, after many developments, the approval was finally granted. There will be special zones put out just for research purposes.

“This is a major step in marine conservation not just for the Antarctic but internationally. We’ve been working towards this for many years. It’s taken time to get consensus but now we have established the world’s largest marine protected area. I think it’s a really significant moment” said Evan Bloom, head of the United States department.


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