World’s Top Green Companies Revealed


Non-profit organization, ‘As You Sow,’ and market research firm, Corporate Knights, recently published the Clean 200 report which lists large global companies by their total clean energy revenues.
The top 10 companies are: Toyota Motor, Siemens AG-REG, Johnson Controls, Schneider Electr, Panasonic Corp, Emerson Elec Co, Vestas Wind Syst+, Philips Lighting+, ABB LTD-REG, and Koninklijke Phil.
The 200 list also includes 66 companies from China, 40 from the US, 20 from Japan, 8 from Germany, 7 from India and 5 from Canada.
Only two companies from the UK were listed: Atlantics Yield (92nd), co-investor in renewable energy assets, and Reading-based Dialog Semiconductor (159th), dealing with power management and smart meter sectors.
According to Andrew Behar, CEO of ‘As You Sow’ and the report’s co-author, the aim of the Clean200 initiative is to begin a conversation that defines what companies will be part of the clean energy future.
“The Clean200 turns the ‘carbon bubble’ inside out. The list is far from perfect, but begins to show how it’s possible to accelerate and capitalize on the greatest energy transition since the industrial revolution,” he said.
Rated by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, companies require at least $1bn of market capitalization and 10% of revenues generated from clean sources to be included in the list.
Oil and gas companies and utilities producing less than 50% of their power from renewables, and companies engaged in “negative climate lobbying” or in tropical deforestation, weapons manufacturing, and the use of child and/or forced labor are excluded from the list.
The list will be updated quarterly by as You Sow and Corporate Knights.


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