#WorldWaterDay2018: #BlueEconomy to Reach $3 trillion by 2030

A recent major report by the UK Government office, a number of key areas where the oceans can provide opportunities, have been identified; which will scale activities of the ocean by $3 trillion by 2030.

According to the Foresight Future of the Sea report , this  may cover the need to collaborate on fighting climate change, greater use of innovative technologies, such as autonomous vehicles, and improving our understanding of the sea. However, environmental threats, such as plastic waste and ocean acidification, need to be tackled or its economic value will be lost.

Whilst Humans are increasing their reliance on the world’s oceans, partly due to a growing global population, and the exploitation of offshore energy resources, fishing, and seabed mining; it is important that we understand our oceans and how to effectively manage them.  Activities, combined with climate change “will compound declining fish stocks, coastal infrastructure, and other economic activities that rely on a healthy and resilient marine environment”.

The amount of plastics in the ocean is also estimated to treble up to 2025 and ocean warming could increase to 3.2 degrees by the end of the century, depending on how quickly the world reduces its carbon emissions.

How can Stakeholders, Governments and Organisations tap into this?

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