Nigeria Leads In Efforts To Mainstream Organic Agriculture In School Curriculum – ECOWAS: Mr Ernest Aubee, Head, Department of Agriculture, ECOWAS Commission Abuja says Nigeria is one of the leading countries in West Africa that have taken the lead in efforts to mainstream organic agriculture in school curriculum Read more

Analysts Call For Broader Revenue To Sustain Debt Servicing: Economic analysts have called on the federal government to restructure the finances of Nigeria such that the share of the country’s revenue that goes into debt servicing is reduced to the barest minimum Read more

Meeting National Economic Targets; The Telecoms Industry Example: One of the things considered a herculean task in a country like Nigeria is getting organisations and businesses to be able to meet and surpass their set goals and targets for sustainability Read more

Exploring Hydrocarbon Prospects in North’s Inland Basins: In February this year, President Muhammadu Buhari flagged off of well drilling activities at Kolmani River Well of the Gongola Basin Read more

Progress On Climate Action; UK Goes Coal-Free for Entire Week

Breaking the previous record set in April of 90 hours and 45 minutes of coal-free energy over the Easter weekend, […]

World’s Largest Ice Shelf Melting 10 Times Faster Than the Average

A discovery made by scientists says that ocean water warmed by the sun is melting part of the world’s largest […]

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