#Agriculture: Namibia Food Outlook Remains Bleak


The food security situation continues to weaken as many households are reported to have depleted last season’s poor harvest and are now dependent on the market and the government’s drought relief food programme.

The latest Agricultural Inputs and Household Food Security Monitoring Assessment Report for household food security from the National Early Warming and Food Information System, released this week, notes a considerable delay in the 2015/2016 agricultural season and in the onset of the rainfall season. Only by late December, where most parts of the northern areas reported to have received moderate to good showers.

The communal crop producing regions are also witnessing a considerable delay in the start of the 2015/2016 rainfall season which normally starts from mid October. At the time of the assessment in November, these regions had not yet received rainfall to start cultivation work.

Regional Councils with the assistance of village headmen are advised to continue monitoring the situation and provide the drought relief foods to households facing food shortages in their respective areas.

Some households reported that drought relief only targeted those households considered to be vulnerable and in desperate need of food assistance with no ongoing cultivation activities being noted, except for the Zambezi where some fields have been planted.

Source: All Africa News

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