APPLY: Unilever Global Development Award

With the culmination of the MDGs taking place at the end of this year and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) starting on 1 January 2016, these awards come at an important point in the journey for global development. More and more businesses recognise that it is in their long-term interest to invest in building safer and securer societies. Global challenges can also be a driver of innovation and new market opportunities in developing countries.

Businesses are a key enabler of global development, be this through helping achievement the MDGs or future contribution to the SDGs. The Unilever Global Development Award identifies those businesses that are demonstrating a positive impact on global development.

This award is open to any private sector company, firm, LLP or partnership globally. This may include social enterprises but does not include charity organisations or NGOs unless they are tied to a corporate entity in a joint application. E.G. Unilever and Unilever Foundation.

For more information on the Criteria, Eligibility and Deadline, read about the awards here.


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