Bechtel commits to People and Technology


Bechtel, a respected Engineering, Construction and Project Management Company, was a participant of the 2016 Business Roundtable: “Create. Grow. Sustain: People and Technology”. During the event, Bechtel made a commitment to assist customers in getting the right methods to meet their individual business goals and sustainability ambitions even as the whole world is working towards cleaner energy and sustainability.

According to Bechtel Chief Executive Officer, Bill Dudley, the activities of the company being augmented by the effort of other companies has significantly reduced greenhouse gas emission while increasing energy efficiency in the America’s business community.

Being a thought leader on global trend in business and sustainability, Bechtel has shown an unmistakable focus on helping people and organization drive innovation. It also has optimized its major function to reduce the impact of the activities on the people and environment to the barest minimum.


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