Call for Volunteers: Office of The African Union Youth Envoy Volunteer Network

The AU Youth Envoy is looking for volunteers with various skills to work with the Office of the Youth Envoy (OYE) throughout its current two-year mandate. Young, passionate and creative people from across Africa and in the diaspora are welcome to apply.

The profession and/or educational background of the applicant does not matter, as long as they are between the age of 18 – 30, have time and can access the internet to collaborate, the application will be considered. There is a virtual office so most of the work will be online.

The benefits of volunteering with OYE are;

  • Volunteers will be able to do potential change-making work through the OYE
  • They will improve their current skills and grow professionally by helping find solutions to specific areas they are involved in
  • They will become part of and connect with amazing network of like-minded young people from across Africa from various backgrounds with various skill sets
  • Upon the successful completion of their full commitment, they will get a letter of recommendation form the OYE for their professional, self-development or educational use

To apply, visit Here

Application is currently ongoing.

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