Citizenship, Sustainability & Innovation Report 2018

In Print: Citizenship, Sustainability & Innovation Report 2018

Publisher: Union bank

Year of Publication: 2019

Clearly determined to provide a clear, concise and engaging report; providing information for every stakeholder group, this CSI report publication by Union Bank, not only communicates the banks economic, social and environmental contributions to the society in the year 2018; it also unveils the plans that it has for the year 2019.

It touches on impact made within host communities in 2018 and commitment to customers and other stakeholders. It also highlights the bank’s achievements in community impacts, minimising environmental impact, promoting innovation, quality education, economic growth, delivery, inclusion and staff engagement.

Using a tripartite reporting standard of the latest of the most widely-used sustainability standard – GRI; the Nigeria Sustainable Banking Principle (NSBP) together with their indexes, as well as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the publisher proudly reveals both financial and non-financial impacts.

Interactive and clearly presented with the use of videos, photo albums, images, graphs and tables where necessary, the publisher articulates talent development and special projects, supporting the arts and inclusive banking projects (Citizenship), environmental sustainability, diversity and women’s empowerment projects (Sustainability) and digital empowerment, robotic process automation, RPA and the 2018 Cyber security forum (Innovation).

A section dedicated to featuring performance with stakeholders and an interview with one of the non-profits it directly impacts, also clearly articulates its focus on stakeholder engagement while a third party assurance resonates with best practice. An indication of the GRI standards covered on every page also makes for easy referencing.

The report is ideal to guide and adequately inform every stakeholder group; customers, shareholders, employees, investors, supply chain alike, including intending stakeholders and the general public about Union Bank’s CSI journey through 2018. It can also serve as a template or a reference for other financial institutions in driving stakeholder interest in corporate reports.



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