CSR Forecast 2016: Climate Change tops List

The Institute of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (ICRS) has published the result of its CSR Forecast for 2016. The survey which asked respondents to select their 3 most important CSR issues for 2016 out of a range of issues, reveals Climate Change as the most expected CSR issue for 2016.

The result, showing Climate Change as leading with 39% of response is displayed below:

Issue  Overall  Members  Non-Members
 Climate change  39%  29%  55%
 Communication with stakeholders  36%  47%  18%
 Labour and human rights  32%  41%  18%
 Sustainable supply chains and ethical trade  25%  24%  27%
 Corporate governance and ethics  25%  29%  18%
 Employee wellbeing  21%  24%  18%
 Responsible Investment  21%  18%  27%
 Diversity and inclusion  14%  18%  9%
 Measuring social and economic impact  14%  18%  9%
 Transparency around corporate taxation  11%  12%  9%


Source: Pulse Survey





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