Go Beyond Just Cutting Carbon Emissions – GRI Urges Businesses

As the Paris Climate Change Agreement is open for signature, GRI is urging all businesses around the world to come together to attain the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions that has been spelt out in the agreement.

Even though the Paris Agreement’s main focus is on greenhouse gas mitigation and adaptation, it is still not all about carbon but it is about ensuring broad sustainability for the planet. This broad sustainability can only be achieved through a strong agreement followed by actions.

The Chief Executive of GRI, Michael Meehan, said that Climate change is not all about carbon, so companies should push for a broader view of the risks related to climate change.  Also, Teresa Fogelberg, the Deputy Chief Executive of GRI said that solving the issue of climate change is about addressing the world’s inequality.

On the International signing of the Paris Agreement, GRI persuades organizations to join in celebrating a positive step towards progress in climate action by going beyond carbon.


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