GRI has launched a new membership and engagement program

 GRI has launched a new membership and engagement program, called the GRI GOLD Community, in Amsterdam on the 16th  February 2016. The GRI GOLD Community consists of diverse companies and organizations from across civil society, business, mediating institutions, labor and intergovernmental agencies, united in the belief that greater transparency is a catalyst for change towards a more sustainable economy and world. More than 550 organizations from 69 countries are part of the GOLD Community, representing more than 35 sectors of the world’s economy.

​ “The GOLD Community is made up of leading organizations that are helping GRI shape the future of sustainability. GOLD Community members are the core of GRI’s global network and through their participation they play a crucial role in enabling us to carry out our mission,” said GRI Chief Executive Michael Meehan. “With last year’s arrival of the post-2015 Development Agenda and the ambitious agreements made at COP 21, businesses have been called upon to take action toward a more sustainable world. The GRI GOLD Community will help its members unlock the real value of sustainability information to support these important goals.”


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