The Hewlett Packard Company (HP Inc.) has decided on a 100 per cent renewable energy goal. This decision was made in a bid to build on past successes, making it imperative that goals must be set towards the reduction of emission. It is expected that this commitment will improve efficiencies which will in turn support the growth of the company.

HP Inc plans to increase their use of renewable energy from 13 per cent to 40 per cent by 2020. It plans to achieve this by reducing energy consumption, introducing a retrofitting facility and implementing energy efficiency projects at sites.

While noting that renewable electricity option is not popular in all countries in which they operate, HP Inc is committed to finding ways to increase capacity outside of Western Europe and the US. Also, they hope to work with the most suitable models to have a cost efficient renewable electricity system.

According to the Chief Sustainability and Social Impact Officer, Nate Hurst, HP Inc, HP Inc as a global company strongly supports the new international agreement

When asked the role of HP Inc in developing a low carbon economy, the Chief Sustainability and Social Impact Officer, Nate Hurst, said that the use of renewables supports their ongoing efforts to reduce energy use and thereby lower carbon footprint across the operation.


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