Responsible Business Week 2016

Responsible Business Week, which is organized by Business in the Community (BITC), is a week of awareness creation on how companies can work together to form a fairer and more sustainable society.

The Responsible Business week 2016 which took place from 18th to 22nd of April was to make people know the difference made by businesses in the economic, social and environmental challenges of a nation.

According to the Chief Executive of Business in the Community, Stephen Howard, the week is meant to make the positive impacts of businesses in our community more visible. This is achieved by creating an opportunity for exchange of workable ideas which inspires other organizations to be part of these positive impacts of businesses in the community.

Unite Students, leading provider of student accommodation in the UK, being a partner, will be profiling some of its Corporate Social Responsibility activities to mark the event.

This year, the theme is ‘Ideas for good get better when shared’. BITC hopes to spur companies to action through shared ideas.

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