Kiira Motors seeks financial aid for mass production as it unveils the first solar-powered electric bus in Africa. The Solar-electric bus, that was unveiled in Kampala, Uganda, uses two batteries one of which is charged by the solar panel on the roof of the bus. The bus is said to be able to go 80km (an equivalent of about 50 miles) on its battery and could exceed this depending largely on the weather.

The Chief Executive, Kiira Motors, Paul Isaac Musasizi being elated at the general positive reaction to the test drive, hopes that the manufacture of the solar-powered electric bus would employ, directly or indirectly, more than 7000 people by 2018.

The cost of producing this prototype was said to be $140,000 (about £98000) but this can be brought to $58000 (about £40,000) if mass produced.

Paul looks forward to being able to manufacture and assemble the parts of the bus locally.


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