Solar Powered Plane Lands in San Francisco

A Solar Impulse 2 Solar powered aeroplane landed in Silicon Valley, San Francisco after an historic three day flight from Hawaii with Bertrand Piccard as the pilot. The plane is absolutely powered by the sun and it has 17,000 photovoltaic cells on its wings.
The flying attempt of the Solar Impulse 2 started in March 2015 at Abu Dhabi to Oman to Myanmar then to China to Japan before flying to Hawaii where it took off to San Francisco. After setting a record for the longest non-stop solo flight, the airplane could not operate for eight months due to overheating of the batteries.
The plane is expected to fly to New York City before returning to Abu Dhabi.
The project is privately funded and is led by a Swiss engineer Andre Borschberg with Google Solvay, Omega and Schindlers as official partners.
The Pilot, Mr Piccard, described his experience alone in the cockpit of the solar powered plane as one of the most fantastic experience of life he has had.

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