#CSR: Subaru of America partners with Respond Inc.

Subaru of America Inc. has inaugurated the Subaru University on the 29th April, 2016. The University, also known as Subaru U, was established through a partnership between Subaru of America Inc. and Respond Inc. of Camden. The purpose of the partnership is to pool resources such that adequate knowledge is passed to students of the university and that they are relevant for employment within Subaru of America Inc.

Respond Inc., a non-profit domestic violence agency, also initiated an automotive program as part of Subaru U to grant students access to trainings that will help them to achieve Subaru Maintenance Technical Certification. The partnership holds a great deal of benefits for the students. The new retail repair shop will join Respond’s other operations, including 10 child development centres, a senior centre, a property maintenance (new business), a homeless day centre and 75 transitional housing units, impacting more than 800 families and children annually.

The President and Chief Operating Officer of Subaru of America Inc. said “Subaru and Respond Inc. share the goal of improving the welfare and employability of the local community and we hope our partnership will lead to increased opportunities for students and potential job placement at local Subaru retailers.” The Executive Director of Respond Inc. expressed the gratitude of the organization for Subaru’s generosity.


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