Sustainability and Human Resource

For some reasons, some organizations have seen no economic rationale behind an effort to keep or maintain company’s resources.

The problem with this is that when these resources (particularly human and social resources) are needed desperately to implement corporate strategies, they are more-often-than-not not available. Another challenge arises when workers suffer ill health due to being exploited or having exploited themselves.

This draws attention to how companies treat their resources and see into what needs to be done to sustain the base and origin of the company’s resources.

Some corporations have started using the idea of sustainability to manage human resource.  This involves companies having a strong focus on sustainability, green management and social responsibility. To the company, this involves recruitment and retaining of top talents, developing critical competencies, employability, lifelong learning and lots more.

Sustainability as a new paradigm for Human Resource Management helps develop a new view on how to manage human and social resources.


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