UNGC Sets $100 Minimum Price for Carbon


Based on the fact that about 70 companies have set an internal carbon price, the Executive Director of the United Nations Global Compact, Lise Kingo, has called on companies to internalize a price on carbon at a minimum of $100 per metric ton.

Ms Kingo said that this internalized set price will be effective in incorporating climate into company’s strategy and investment. The UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon said that the agreement presents the private sector the chance to ensure clean energy and a climate-resilient economy. He described the agreement as an answer to a call for clear policy signals for the private sector.

Caring for Climate, the largest coalition of companies that are taking on climate, partnered with the World Resource Institute to release an Executive Guide to Carbon Pricing Leadership, to provide best practices for companies to become champions and align with business leadership criteria on carbon pricing that has been set by Caring for Climates.


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