H&M will be making history by launching the first-of-its-kind sustainability campaign tagged “World Recycle Week”. The idea, in partnership with artist M.I.A, has a goal of collecting rejected or unwanted clothing of a thousand tonnes from its entire store around the world in order to recycle them.

In inaugurating the week, a video will be released across social media to encourage participation of everyone who cares to know.

Also, every customer who recycles garments during this week is entitled to a 15 per cent discount for the group’s next purchase and a 30 per cent coupon as a form of appreciation.

The long term goal of H&M is to stop garments from going into landfills and to conserve natural resources. The campaign is going to have the #HMrehaul and it spans from 18th to 24th April 2016.



  1. How do we send our stuff to within Nigeria? I am very interested in this initiative, but have never seen an H&M.

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